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3Commas Review

3Commas Review


If you’re considering using the 3Commas exchange, you may be wondering how to best go about the process. Fortunately, 3Commas offers a wide variety of tutorials, written and video, to help you get started. If you’re unsure of anything, the site also offers live chat support via their website, YouTube channel, and Telegram group. In addition to these resources, 3Commas also has an active Discord community for users to discuss any issues.

When you first start trading with 3Commas, you don’t have to worry about paying a commission. You’ll only pay a small amount when you begin a transaction, and it’ll be frozen until the transaction is completed. However, if a transaction doesn’t go through due to a service error, the money will be returned. That means 3Commas’s free trial is a great way to test the service’s features before committing to a full-blown subscription.

The trailing stop feature on 3commas lets you set a stop loss or take profit target for a trade. The smart trade feature lets you follow price movement up to the top of the market, but automatically closes the position if it falls below a certain percentage. This allows you to maximize your gains and limit your risk at the same time. It will also let you know if your target price was reached. This means you can exit your trade before it runs out of steam.

In addition to being free, 3commas offers a range of features that help you optimize your trading and invest more profitably. The platform is ideal for beginners and advanced traders alike, with options for both. Beginners can launch an account and connect to a trading exchange, and engage in copy trading. Advanced users can customize their trading strategies with 3Commas, such as creating a safety trade and choosing the profit target. Users can also customize their bots with composite or simple ones.

If you’re new to bot trading, 3commas is a great place to start. The website offers a marketplace of signals, and you can use the Gordon bot to practice your trading strategies before you move to the next level. While it is recommended to get started with the 3Commas marketplace before investing real money, you can always tweak its settings later. The Gordon bot is the most straightforward to use, but if you’re new to bots, you can go for the more advanced options like composite bots.

The 3Commas exchange aggregator service supports 23 digital exchanges, and it offers a variety of tools for automated trading. This platform also supports paper trading and a referral program. Customers can also access customer support 24 hours a day. In addition to support for 23 exchanges, 3Commas also offers a mobile app that supports all of the major exchanges. Additionally, you can also customize your trading strategies using 3Commas’ UI and tools.

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