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5 tips to make sure your guest blog posts makes the difference

5 tips to make sure your guest blog posts makes the difference

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Guest blog posts mean Guest blogging is a great way to network online, practice your writing, share knowledge, and expand your readership. You can gain guest blogging opportunities by regularly adding quality posts to your own site and by becoming an active participant on other blogs. Try these five tips to make sure your guest post makes it:

  1. Read the blogs you want to guest post on. Browsing the posts once or twice is not enough. If the blog you’re considering doesn’t hold your attention long enough to actually read the content, move on to something else. Choose a site that you really enjoy visiting so that the post you offer is a good fit for you.
  2. Consider a list or how-to post. These usually generate the most traffic, which is beneficial to both you and the owner of the blog where your post appears. Offer readers something they haven’t seen before that fits the overall theme of the blog.
  3. Avoid heavy self-promotion. The post you post should not be a blatant way to promote your blog, no matter how fantastic it may be. You definitely get the option to provide a link to your site at the end of the post, so there’s no need to go overboard with dropping a link in the body of the article.
  4. Type your post in Microsoft Word or WordPress so the blog owner doesn’t have to waste precious time cleaning up messy code. Also, don’t forget to send any images you add as separate files that can be easily uploaded.
  5. Visit your post again to reply to comments. It’s the polite thing to do and it allows you to develop a dialogue with readers who may visit your blog. Paying attention to comments can also lead to ideas for future posts that keep new visitors coming back for more.

Applying these tips to your guest blog posts can help you gain exposure and create positive relationships with other bloggers. It will also help you build a reputation as a guest blogger who considers those whose sites you contribute to.

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